CP.MiOS.com events Not logging events

[quote=“micasaverde, post:9, topic:168175”]

Notice that my Log tabs on my Kiwkset locks are blank they were blank for 1234 also, was hoping that it would be fixed.

It’s by design. The Logs tab on UI4 only had a few recent entries, whereas the real, permanent list is in your cp.mios.com account. There were complaints that having this in 2 places was too confusing. See the http://wiki.micasaverde.com/index.php/Release_Notes, #99.[/quote]

[quote=“Michael_N_Blackwell, post:11, topic:168175”]Thanxs for update @micasaverde, kind of missed that one ::), However after reviewing CP. MiOS.com events I do not see any lock/unlock events which by the way happens several times a day (if per chance I’m reviewing My miOS screen and a lock/unlock event occurs I do see that event message text under the specific lock device and it does indicate correctly e.g. Person Unlocked.

Also within the CP.MiOS.com event calendar on days that are bold I get the following message “Not Found The requested URL /luup-events.php was not found on this server.” when selected. More clues please![/quote]

I decided to open a new topic, as this was never answered by @micasverde and seems to be a real problem whereas Kwikset lock events are not showing up on CP.MiOs events calendar.

I hope you can get that figured out. Both of my Kwiksets reliably log every event on cp,mios, as do my Schlage locks.

It hasn’t worked with my Vera 1 or Vera 2 with Schlage locks.

I have all types of devices and it’s not just limited to your locks or the type of lock. I have both and I see some locks and events show up, and some don’t, so there is no doubt a problem with some users and not others.

@CMRancho, If I understand your post, your able to access you lock events via cp,MiOS.com? If that is true, then this problem seems to be a isolated “hit and miss” problem. I noticed that there were others with the same issue. What I’ve noticed is that I do have events up to end of March (time I updated to ver .1234) but when I select them I get a message “Not Found The requested URL /luup-events.php was not found on this server.” Just check this morning and seem to have events for 4/23 and 4/25 (updated to ver .1235) but get the same not found message. I tried it accessing with IE9 and Firefox browsers with the same resolve.

@micasaverde, is this a known problem and if not how do I get around the message “Not Found The requested URL /luup-events.php was not found on this server.” so that I might see the proper events. More clues please. Mike

I have seen this error when the Vera was not connected to the Internet when an event occurs. I had the power supply to my DSL modem fail, so the Internet was down for a while. None of the events that occurred while the modem was down showed up on mymios.

According to my CP.MiOS.com calendar I have something recorded for specfic days e.g. the days are bold, but when I select the bold days I get the Not found message