Couple of questions

Sorry for the vague title. Couldn’t decide what to call it.
Have a couple of questions:

  1. Is there a way to look at all devices that are actioned in the various reactors I have created. Or a way to look at a device and see what reactors it is a part of? Similar to the scenes block on devices in Vera?
    2.In the logic summary for a reactor, can the friendly name of the task be carried forward to the activity report? This “Activity grpd8fvfhx.true” is not intuitive so I need to look through all the conditions to determine which one it matches.

Put them down as feature requests. 1 is higher priority than 2.


I’m working on making the activity log more human readable for the next release.

I also agree that a comprehensive overview of device use would be handy, so I can add that to my list.

Thanks for the suggestions! Keep 'em coming!

For #2 in the activities section you can add a Run Lua for each action with something like:

– Home when Coffee light is turned on
print(“Home mode set - Coffee light”)

The Home mode set… will show in the logic summary.

Someone had suggested placing a Reactor in each room to make it easier to manage. Finding this to be a great idea, I have since created a PLEG device for each room to consolidate device controls to a room. Much easier to tweak, add features, and troubleshoot.

Well, as long as you’ve paid for enough PLEG licenses, sure…

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…in my case, I have a small condo - the benefits of being an empty nester. But point taken.