Counter that monitors Motion Trips

I am trying to come up with a way to count how many times my motion sensor has tripped. I just want to see how many times it has tripped in a 24hr period for example.

I am pretty sure that I can do this in Reactor, however I am not sure how the variables work yet.

Unfortunately there is still no option for data logging. Maybe you can create a MeshBot with a LUA script as an action that increments a variable. But I’m not that familiar with that.

In Ezlo you can create a variable but I don’t see where you can do variable math in an action. i.e. not sure how you do >> myVariable = myVariable + 1

Maybe its a native capability but I didn’t see it. Ezlo Staff??

The OP posted in a Vera category. So assume he has a Vera hub not Ezlo.

Could probably do this in MSR and Vera