Could this be the answer...?

No one could complain it hasn’t enough memory…

That looks very interesting !!!
It sounds like it has support for the secure classes … so it should support locks.

This is pretty much what I have configured for my secondary controller. Raspberry pi 2 + razberry daughter board (same thing only probably cheaper because it hasn’t been branded by some company). It is much snappier, all open-source, but is still lacking a lot of plugins needed to help catch up with vera. There are things it does much better (like removing associations vera decides are required that it won’t allow you to remove, device configuration params,load it’s ui quickly, secure login for port forwarding), but there are also things it doesn’t do as well yet (scenes, and all the community plugins mainly). With time and a good community developing plugins I may decide to take my vera out of the HA system, but for now they both have their pros/cons.

It needs PLEG to take off, is that possible RTS?

I do wish vera would move to that kinda hardware…