Could not reach Ezlo, please try again later, while connecting google home(assistant) to ezlo

On top of all other bugs and issues I’ve been having, the connection between my google home and ezlo is now broke. When trying to reconnecting home to ezlo, I get an error message t the final stage that ezlo could not be reached…

This is really not sustainable, the app has on been updated since November and it’s buggy, Google assistance is not working, app is super slow, half of the time the hub is offline for now reason, scenes act like crazy and sometime work and some times do not… When buying this I was told Control4 driver is on roadmap, and after more than a year, still nothing, not even a clear response.

Honestly if you buy a product and is horrible like this, what would you do??
Do you really think you have a chance in this market like this?

Please have the courtesy to let me know if I should just wash my hands off of it and just go buy another hub, or do you really have a plan to make things the way they should be?