CoTech Motion Sensor Lighting5


I bought a cheap Cotech Motion sensor After reading the RFXtrx User Guide - RFXcom, it seemed it would work.
In RfxMngr, it is detected if I enable Lighting4 and AC.
It is detected as Lighting5:

Packettype = Lighting5 subtype = Kangtai, Cotech Sequence nbr = 2 ID = 1511 decimal:5393 Unit = 27 Command = On Signal level = 5 -80dBm

I read that the Lightning4 protocol is not included in the Vera App.
Does that include also Lighting5?
There seem to be no signal timing in this message, as with the Lighting4 messages.

Best regards

Currently the plugin does not have code to handle that subtype. I can probably add some code to respond to it. Since this is a motion sensor I’m guessing that the data in your posting shows the only message sent by the motion sensor and decoded by the transceiver. In other words, the sensor only sends an ‘on’ message, never an ‘off’ message or anything else. Is that correct?

Sounds great. Ill check tomorrow.

OK, but it might take a few days before I’m ready to put out an update. I’ve done additional code changes that I’m still testing. Look for a new post in this forum in the next few days.

No rush :slight_smile:

I checked. It sends an ?off? command which is delayed X seconds after the movement had stopped. Where X is controlled by a switch in the back. If a new movement is made during the delay period, a new on command is sent.

OK, that’s good to know. Thanks.