Copying condition groups

I’m setting up motion and door sensors in several rooms to control the lights. The conditions for light control is fairly extensive, and identical in all rooms.

I found some other threads asking for somethig like this (here), but until the feature is implemented; is there a text file where I can copy a string or something to another reactor to copy the condition layout?

I would use delaylight, but then i can’t have different dimming levels through the day…

What I would LOVE is the ability to save condition structures in the main reactor, and use them in the RS’es. the structure could live “globally” with table lookups for which devices in which RS? :slight_smile:

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are all the conditions for entry in the same device? If not, you can backup the reactor device, create a new reactor device and then restore the backup to the new device.

I have a RS in each room, and all automation for that room is in it… But that trick works for some of the cases, thanks for the tip! :slight_smile:

My original intention for this was to allow CTRL-drag to mean copy (condition or group). Unfortunately, the ancient jQuery/jQuery UI on UI7 has some nasty bugs in the drag-drop that kept this from materializing. But I need some time away from MSR this weekend, so let me see what I can do in the morning tomorrow.

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OK. It’s in the current stable branch on Github.

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Works well too! Impressive response time!

My challenge is “inter-RS” though, any way to copy between RS’es? I have 6 rooms i want identical groups in, so if I can copy a text string in user_data or something, that would be faster than making them one by one.

I considered having all light related in one, all heat related in another, but I rather like having one RS in each room…

(Copy condition was in “develop” branch by the way. :wink: )

Is it possible to restore a existing RS to a new RS, then delete what you don’t want in the new RS

Yes, but i have existing rs in all rooms with automation for other stuff in the room(s). When i find a good condition group in one room id like to copy that group into the other rooms as well(and change to the correct devices for that room).

Ideally the group structure could be a common object, and when i edit that object structure, it is effective in all instances. It would require device mapping of sorts, and i would have to update each instance with their own devices offcourse.

This would save a lot of time in my type of setup, as i have the same sensor setup in several rooms.

Oh bother. Sorry. I merged it but forgot to push it. Done now.

That’s not worth the effort on the Vera platform; the juice isn’t worth the squeeze, as they say. It was actually fairly non-trivial just getting it working within the same ReactorSensor, let alone entertaining looking at all the others. The MSR implementation already does it. As @ElCid points out, using the backup-restore facility to restore into a new ReactorSensor is the way to go, but as you pointed out, it doesn’t play for existing sensors.

possibly develope all rs groups in a development reactor, keeping all groups that you want in that development RS, in a disabled state. Then if you create a new reactor sensor, you could just copy the development reactor.

Marked this as the solution, no need for it if MSR will do it. :slight_smile:

So there’s no trivial way to hack some textfiles either? (I’m on openluup standalone)
I looked in the user_data file, and if thats where i’d have to do it its not trivial at all. I was almost worrying about string length on some of the reactors (as they are in one long line), but I guess thats being handled.

I guess i’ll just wait for MSR before I do the extensive automations then. :slight_smile: @ElCid’s suggestion is also a workable solutions for some rooms.

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