Copy managed devices from other unit

I’m working on moving the RFXwork to an AltUI unit (eventually just using vera for zigbee and z-wave), is there a way to get all RFX devices copied from the Vera to the AltUI unit?

I’m not sure I understand what an AltUI unit is. I thought AltUI was a plugin running on a Vera Hub. Nevertheless there is currently no easy way to move RFXtrx devices from one Vera hub to another. This feature could probably be added but it’s not something that would be used very often.

Ok, so its not stored in some config file? I suppose i have to do it manually then. My hope was that all i needed to do was transfer a plugin file to the new unit. :slight_smile:

I’ve installed Openluup and AltUI on a Chromebox (running debian linux), and i’m moving all processing from vera to this, also the RFX…

RFXtrx devices are also regular Vera devices. The plugin just handles communication between the transceiver and the Vera hub.

Solution: Instead of adding them to the new system manually, just get them into altUI on the new machine using Vera bridge, then change Parent from Vera IS (10000s) to the ID of the local RFX Plugin. :slight_smile:

Edit: Change device ID as well, or the vera will take it back.

not trying to hijack a thread, but… what RFX devices are people using in the US. all the RFXtrx433e and XL ones seem to be for the European market.

Most of the devices connected to my RFXtrx are sensors:
14 Temperature/Humidity sensors
4 Temperature Sensors
1 Rain Sensor
1 Door/Window Sensor
I also have one Sonoff binary switch

I’s like to add a couple of Somfy blind controls but they are difficult to find here in the US, at least from a DIY’er perspective.