Cooper Aspire Accessory Dimmer Status Not Updating

I have a 3 switch, 1 light install that seems to need some additional vera configuration. 1 Master RF9534 -N is installed as well as 2 RF9542-Z slaves. They are all functioning as expected if the switches are manually depressed (i.e. if the lights are off, pressing any of the paddles turns the lights on and all 3 switches show on and the reverse works as well.) The problem is if I turn the dimmer off or on through UI5, the lights go off or on as expected and the master dimmer shows the correct status but the slave dimmers now have the opposite status.

I have the all 3 dimmers included in UI5 and are associated to each other, is there some other configuration I need to add to get the slave dimmers to update status when I have operated the lights from the dashboard? Any suggestions I can try?

I have issues with the accessory dimmer too. It took me a long time to configure it properly. It worked for a few weeks and now it does nothing. I can’t even recognize it on Vera anymore

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any other help on this. I have just installed a master dimmer with 2 slave remotes. Vera recognized the master and controls it correctly but the slaves show up in devices listed as dimmer remote but no on-off or dimmer slider so I can’t get them to do anything. Also, they don’t work manually when I press the wall switch button up or down. Nothing happens even though blue light is on and not flashing.

The remote switch is a transmitter not a load switching device so it doesn’t turn On/Off or dim/slide, it only sends commands. You need to create associations between the remote switches and the master dimmer so that the remotes send commands to the master dimmer(which has On/Off and dimming capability).

In the Vera UI5 GUI, on the remote switch click the wrench icon and then choose the Device Options tab. In the Group ID field type 1 and click Add group. Then click the Set button and choose the device you want to associate with, in this case the master dimmer switch. Click the X to close and then click Save to commit your changes. Vera should then configure the remote switch to control the master switch.

this is a great help. Thanks. I was able to get the two remote switches working with the master and then a day later one of them stopped working with it. Also, I have another master and two remotes I’m trying to hook up. The odd thing is the master is able to work with Vera even though it has a red dot in the upper left and at the bottom says “unable to get any information on the node”. Yet I can control it. I can’t get the other two remotes to link to the other master. When I put them in group 1 and set it to this different master one of the remotes controls the first master dimmer even though I didn’t specify that. I tried to do a group 2 to see if that made a difference and it did not. Any other advice appre3ciate.
Fortunately I can control both masters from my phone and automate so having the remotes not work isn’t a big deal.

This issue is almost always due to poor communication, signal strength or routing. Yes, the fact that Vera can activate the light does not mean that a communication problem doesn’t exist.

I would remove the remotes(exclude) for the time being and resolve the communication issue. When you have 100% reliable communication with the master, then add back the remotes etc.

thanks again. Will do. Would I still link as a group 1 with this other master or go with another group number?

You would use group 1 for both masters.

Here’s my previous poor explanation of associations and group IDs.

Also, I delete the two remotes and the master dimmer and they pop back on the screen without me adding them back.