Cooper 9540 Instant Status

I have 4 Cooper 9540 switches in the same gang in the master bath. I have a simple PLEG that turns the lights on when the door is open if all of the lights are off. The UI shows the status of the switches being on within 2 seconds. When I manually turn the lights off it can take anywhere from 4 seconds to up to 4 minutes for the status to be reported even though the lights are off.

I am using a vera lite UI 15. There are only 6 switches and one door sensor on this unit

Are there any settings I can do to overcome this problem?

Considering that you have 4 of the six switches in one room and a total of 6 switches included in the system. I am willing to bet that it is a routing issue. How far is Vera from the bathroom switches?

  • Garrett

The Vera unit is in the bathroom under the sink. So maximum 12 ft away

Actually I have the following hardware in the Bathroom:

4 Cooper 9540 light switches
1 Cooper 9500 battery light switch
1 Leviton wall receptecal
1 Aeon wall switch
1 Linear door sensor

The Door sensor shows updates consistently on the UI in one to two seconds. The Cooper switches seem to be the problem.