Cooling control

can someone direct me to the best way of visually controlling various temp sensors that I can use to trigger some solenoids/power switches to COOL rather than heat.

EG: if temp >19 deg then turn on switch

I know I could use PLEG but I was wondering if someone has written a plugin that is a cooling thermostat rather than a heating thermoatat

I need to be able to create at least 20 virtual devices

You can just use scenes and triggers.

On ui7, make a scene triggered by your thermostat/temp sensor at temps above 19. In the scene action choose the solenoid device and set it to on.


You can make off scenes once the temp goes below 0 to keep from burning out your ACs.

For ui5 you need to use the CurrentTemperature in a trigger and then add a scene with the device on.

You can take help of a professional technician.