Converting Vera3 US to EU


First post :slight_smile:

Just bought a vera3 controller and because im a dummy i accidentally bought the US version when i live in the EU.
Have been trying to reach support but with no luck. just read that the 16. October they removed the live chat. Lucky me. its the 17th now.

So my question. Is it possible to convert the Vera3 to EU by flashing the internal Z-Wave module or am i “up shit creek”, and need to buy another?
If its not possible to flash the module to EU, could i do something else so i don’t have to purchase a brand new controller?

You cannot flash the module to change it to an EU type. The difference between U.S. and EU models is the Z-Wave frequency (U.S. - 908.42MHZ, EU - 868.42MHz). The frequency is set in the hardware and is not configurable. There is also a difference in the power supply provided, depending on the country with the U.S. having a 120V power supply while the E.U. units have a 220V power supply, though this is easily solvable.

It is possible to use an external Z-Wave radio, such as the Aeon Labs Z-Stick 2 to make you U.S. Vera speak with the E.U. frequency. But, I would strongly suggest that you exchange your Vera for the right one. There are other contact methods besides chat:
Phone: +1 (866) 966-2272
Hours of Operation: Monday ? Friday 12:00am to 6:00pm Pacific Time