Converting RF remote to Zwave

I am trying to find out if there is a way to convert my screen projectors RF remote to Zwave. I am thinking of some way to open close 3 circuits on the board (Up/Down/Close) using zwave codes.

This is what the board looks like:

(3 buttons where when open or closed something happens)

Front picture of the board

You can not convert it to zwave but you can probably use a global cache relay unit to trigger the contacts.

  • Garrett

What does it look like? I have the WF2IP from that company is that what you are talking about? It’s for IR don’t think it does RF.

  • Garrett

I see, well at that price might as well get a zwave motor controller :slight_smile:

The global cache WIFI iTach Relays are much more robust than a Z-Wave controller.
More range … faster … and integrate nicely with Vera via the GC-100 driver.

Email me if you want a GC-100 patch for properly displaying the Relay status.

Use a z-wave to dry contact motor module. (12VDC supply required)
Includes directly into the z-wave network and shows as a a shade motor in the Vera UI.
Otherwise same, solder the up/stop/down outputs to the transmitter or to any motor dry contact input, without forgetting the common.

This is what the main controller looks like. What z-wave module would I connect to it?

easiest is to replace your AC receiver by a Z-WAve motor controller, ~$80-90.

Where can this be purchased?