Converting from or using with Nexia

I have an existing Nexia system with a Trane XL1050 thermostat. I was working for Trane at the time I got it, but I quickly learned the limitations of the product as I expanded my system. My biggest gripe is the lack of compatible products, and the camera system they offer is awful. I also hate paying a subscription fee, but I could live with that if the overall offering was better.

Vera looks like a a good product with a wide range of compatible products. My biggest question is, can I use my existing Zwave devices with Vera? If its not compatible with Nexia that’s OK, I am thinking I could just remove all the devices from my Nexia network and ditch the subscription fee and them add them to Vera. I would just keep the XL1050 stat for HVAC control.

Make sense?

The answer is, “it depends.” If you have standard Z-Wave devices , Vera probably will have support for it. Less common devices may not. It may be possible to get such devices working by tweaking device parameters or by some additional LUA code. This forum will be able to provide help if you have problems, either from the user community or Vera’s support folks, who are very active here.

Good luck!

Is there some sort of compatibility matrix that I can use to see if my devices are compatible?

There’s this:
Sometimes Vera’s opinion of compatibility is a bit optimistic in terms of full functionality. The link is a good place to start. If your device isn’t on the list, you can search the forum to see if other folks have successfully integrated it, or ask Vera Support.

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