Controlling two lights with one switch

Ok, I’ve been doing searches for this for the last 2 hours with no luck…maybe someone can help. I have VeraPlus with about 80 devices. I would like to hit switch (Levition VRS15) that turns on a lighting load and have it turn on another switch (also VRS15). When turning off the switch, want it to turn off the the same switch. I’ve been using a scene to accomplish this for the past two years, but it seems every time the UI updates, it screws this up. With the latest UI 1.7.2608, it quit working altogether. I ended up replacing my VeraEdge with a VeraPlus running UI 1.7.1786 and still a no go on this.

I tried deleting and re-entering the scenes. Running the scenes with delays. Doing an association between the two switches and it is still a no go. Also, I’ve noticed the last few months that my statuses on Vera are not updating - i.e. it doesn’t show if a switch is on or off correctly.

Any suggestions on how to fix these?

I cant help you but I do have something to add.

I am doing this in my garage where the builder put two lights on two separate switches on opposite sides of the garage instead of both lights on a 3-way switch. I used the GE switches and it works exactly as you described. I have not been updating my software and am still on U15 and it works fine. I did want to follow this though as I am mulling upgrading to U17 and this looks like another reason to hold off on that.

Sorry if my post gave you a false hope for a solution.

It feels like you have a lot of z-wave mesh issues going on (which is why the switch states aren’t being updated)

Particularly if the direct association didn’t work (since that doesn’t involve the Vera at all once you set it up, has nothing to do with the Vera version, just the two switches talking directly to each other) those should be rock solid to do what you want. Are you sure you setup the association correctly and that it actually succeeded to be setup?

To debug your mesh issues, have you changed any of the polling settings? That is a big no-no.
You may have a device that is going bad and flooding your mesh with bad stuff. The only way I know how to fix this is to start power off devices and see if the mesh stabilizes. Or start over and watch mesh health as you add devices, await over night after including each batch.

i also have about 70 devices and i do as you descibe my bedroom has 2 cieling lights on 2 seperate switches and basically i have 4 sceens 2 for each switch 1 for on 1 for off and if works great im running vera plus and let it update when ever needed have not had any problems at all what happens when you run the scene from the scene page using arrow does it work then i also use the ge stich on switch to work the lights from my bed

I can confirm the scene functionality works fine in UI7. Am using it in a few places. I would try excluding & re-including the switches and then updating the scene, after you take a look at your Zwave comms (as the previous poster noted)

Firstly, it’s worth taking a look at your z-wave device–>device communication. Get the Info Viewer plugin, and check the Z-Wave Devices chart to make sure nearby devices are communicating.

Worth knowing before you exclude/include.

I, too, have zero issues accomplishing this with scenes. One switch (that can trigger the scene) is a Leviton that supports instant status and the second switch is a GE that does not. The GE switch, however, is in the same room as the Vera and the notification that it sends on state change is “close enough” to instant status that it does what I need. The third switch in the grouping is an Aeotec micro controller that’s installed inside the gang box while the standard switches are still in use.

Has been working flawlessly for at least a year and half through various firmware versions including the current one.

Have you checked to ensure that the Leviton switches are configured to send the Instant Status notification?