Controlling projector screen

So I got a projector screen with this controller:

Type: TP-05-RF
Input: 110V/50Hz-60Hz
Frequency: 315Mhz
Max Power: 500W

It has Up/Down/Stop buttons

You might check out a Fibaro Roller Shutter module.

Not sure if that device can help me, here is the wiring in the controller:

Yep it should work…my screen had a similar controller which I cut out and installed a zwave roller shutter module instead…works perfect.

Nice to hear! Is there any schema or diagrams? I want to do the same, where can I purchase that device in Canada? Or US…

Cant help you there sorry…as you may tell from my username I’m in Australia which uses a different frequency for zwave than Canada/USA

Can you at least show the wiring, interested to know how complex this conversion is.

Thanks for the info so far.

The zwave controller has terminals for L N E for the incoming power and it will have something like O1 and O2 for up and down and a common for the neutral (it will also have some extras …S1 and S2 to connect a physical switch as well)


Simply remove your controller and wire in the Fibaro. I should work great.


I am not that advanced, I am not sure I know how to do that, the controller you mean remove that whole box thing and wire the Fibaro directly to the motor? The plug looks like it has 4 pins as you can see in my picture but I don’t know what each is.

Prehaps you should get a qualifed electrician to have a look then.

If you take a look at the Fibaro module wiring diagram, you can see how it connects. The pic of your controller board shows the up/down motor wire outputs where these are simply cut and connected to the Fibaro. The L and N power in wire is cut and connected to the Fibaro as well. Now your controller has been effectively cut away from your wiring! Throw it away, and your Fibaro does all the control. That’s it!

Yes I did take a look, it seems straight forward now I just need to find a place here in Canada or US to get one of these, not sure if its even compatible here.