Controlling Modes with NFC

I’ve been trying to work out the best way to control modes, currently I can change it via wall mounted tablet but I wanted to change so that when leaving home a quick swipe of an NFC tag sets my house into the correct mode and also my phone.

With various options available it seems I can only fire a scene using NFC, thats ok but I need to be able to create a scene that switches the modes into home or away. My thoughts are currently that the only way to do this is set up a virtual switch which is controlled by the scene and then have pleg monitor this switch and change the house mode as needed. Is that how others are are doing it, seems a bit long winded but can’t think of another way to do.

You can change the House Mode directly from a scene. See Change House Mode from Scene.

There’s also the House Modes plugin. I’m using NFC tags with Imperihome on Android to do exactly this. I set up a scene that calls the plugin, which changes my mode as desired. Then I linked the NFC tag to that scene in Imperihome. But, based on the reply from Rex above me, it looks like I may not even need that plugin.

Here I wrote how you can change modes via scenes and luup code,27766.msg198268.html#msg198268