Controlling Kwikset lock with GE 45631 keypad?

I’m very new to this Z wave stuff so go easy on me…

Setup: Veralite with 2 Baldwin Boulder deadbolt locks with Kwikset 912 cards installed and 3 light modules. Everything works great and control via Vera mobile or via PC works as advertised.

Problem: I installed a GE 45631 keypad (as a secondary controller) and it turns the light modules on/off just fine…but I can’t get the GE 45631 keypad to play nice with the deadbolt locks? I would like the GE 45631 keypad to be able to lock/unlock my deadbolt…I have tried using scenes and groups and no matter what I try, it will not work with the Kwikset deadbolt.

What I’ve tried: I paired the GE keypad directly with the deadbolts using both scenes and groups with no luck. I tried creating a scene with the Veralite and still no luck with the GE keypad controlling the deadbolts…but the GE keypad works just fine for controlling the light modules and I can control the deadbolts just fine using the Vera mobile app or via the PC.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,