Controlling dimmer sensitivity

Is there a way to control the dimmer sensitivity? The Ge dimmer is very hard to control from low to bright using the manual button


each device is different depending on what the manufacture added as options/fautrues.

GE/ACT/ Schlage are all pretty much the same and there are configuration bits you can set for the number of steps to dim and the duration the dimmer should hold between steps. You can make it take forever to ramp up or you can have it be almost instant depending on what values you set.

You have to find the variables to set on the device then on the device options tab on the device settings page for vera you can tell it which variables to set and what values to make them. (you can set the variables to “monitor only” to see what the current factory values are before you start futzing)

here’s the instructions for the GE 45606:

check out page talking about dim rate adjustments for the variables and what values to set them to.

find the manual for your exact switch to confirm but i think they are all basically the same.

this bit of the wiki talks about it some sorry i can’t post screen shots at the moment- I dont have a UI4 device at my fingers.

Thank You