Controller Replacement

Hello all.

I’d like to provide some context before posing my question, explaining the evolution of my rather intricate setup over the past 12-15 years. Initially, I started with a Vera2 and a handful of old Z-Wave devices. Over time, I upgraded to a Vera3, accommodating more devices, and eventually transitioned to a VeraEdge, where my newer devices adopted Z-Wave+ technology. A few years ago, I moved into a sizable property—an old triplex I converted for personal use. The large space necessitated for me to add a number of light switches, motion sensors, etc. However, the challenge emerged due to the building’s aged construction with brick walls, hindering signal transmission between rooms. To address this, I acquired additional controllers, I setup a VeraSecure as the “master” and deployed two other VeraSecures, two VeraPlus, and my existing VeraEdge as “slaves.”

Initially, I distributed my 200 devices across these five controllers, reserving the “master” for Scenes and Reactor-logic. However, because the number of devices and associated logic was so big (almost 400 when considering Reactor-logic, “virtual” devices, and “sub-devices”), the performance of the master controller was sluggish. In response, I began relocating certain scenes and Reactor-logic from the master to selected “slave” controllers, attempting to alleviate the load. Despite achieving functionality, I find this setup less than optimal.

Now, my question is: Can I replace the master controller, currently a VeraSecure, with a more capable controller (not necessarily Ezlo) capable of handling my 5 “slaves” and 400 devices? I’d like to be able to re-implement some of my logic into the new controller (preferably Reactor-logic or LUUP, but I’m open to learning a new language if required). Importantly, I aim to avoid the tedious process of re-adding all 200 devices(I would like to keep my slave-controllers with their existing 40-50 devices each, and just change the master controller). I recall reading a detailed comparison of different controllers on this forum, but I’m unable to locate it. Moreover, I’m uncertain if the author’s network topology was as complex as mine.

Anyone has been through a similar predicament and can share their solution?

Thanks in advance