Controller relocation

Hello, I need to move my Vera Edge to another room, shall I use something like “Move Controller” from Z-wave settings page or something else? I have nightly heal turned off. The move will be not to some completely different location, but to next room than it is now. Thanks.

Unplug it, move it, and then plug it in at the new location (provided you are not connecting to your router via an ethernet cable).

The “Move Controller” is, I believe, when you are changing addresses.

Thanks, what about the routes to the z-wave devices, I suppose they should have to be updated somehow, now the controller know that to get to device A the message needs to go through node B and C but it can change when I move the controller?

Not sure about edge, but with the plus under zwave settings there are options to “update neighbors noses”, “reload engine”, and others that will heal the network.

On Vera Plus its located under:
Zwave settings
Advance (tab)

Move controller is to move your zwave configuration to an other Vera controller, use it with care! It has nothing to do with the physical location of your Vera. If you change address you should update the location data including Latitude, Longitude only.

Cheers Rene

Thanks, already moved the controller to other room and everything seems to be communicating without any problems or need to do any neighbourhood udpates.

Hi @Kositch,

By default the Vera runs a nightly heal that should trigger route recalculations, so if things are working I would leave it to do that. There seems a bit of art in doing the updates manually, especially on the speed you can do this (easy does it).

Cheers Rene

I have nightly heal disabled, so until any issues arise, I would leave it like that and if does, I will turn on nightly heal.

If you moved the controller and you’ve a good mesh, it would work anyway. Chances are that your routes are not impacted, unless you’re moving it significantly (ie: 20+ mts)

Yeah I got quite strong mesh network with a lot of AC powered devices…