Controller Range

I have been studing this tecnology before I decide to buy it there is still a doubt. I have read everywhere about the process of inclusion and communication between nodes and controllers, buy what I do not know is the normal range (distance) a controller has and the range some slave enrouting systems have.

Simply the question is: What distance can controllers reach to send messages and control devices (without thinking of routing options)??


The question may be simple, but the answer can be quite complex.

The distance that a Z-Wave signal can reach, under ideal conditions, is approximately 100 feet. However, due to the nature of radio frequency(RF) signal propagation, attenuation and interference the maximum distance of a Z-Wave signal is unlikely to go that far in the average home. In fact, a controller in one location might reach 75 feet, but the same controller in a different location might not reach 20 feet.

Things that impede Z-Wave signals include; steel (walls, studs, gang boxes, appliances, garage doors), concrete(walls, floors), stone, brick, and tile. Even people can impact a Z-Wave signal, so a weak signal might be adequate at one point but put a couple of people in the room and it begins to fail. Wood and drywall also impede Z-Wave signals, but to a lesser extent that is usually not a problem. There is also interference from other devices on the same or close frequencies like cordless phones, baby monitors, and lots of other factors.

As a general rule, I recommend that you plan on 30 feet being the extent of reliable signal range. On average, Z-Wave signals in most homes should be quite strong at that distance and it is usually a safe assumption for planning. Then if there are weak spots, you can fill them with additional nodes. Greater distances are certainly possible, but they are not assured.

Thanks for the detailed answer!! Very well explained and I assume it is a good number to consider as good reception. Seems good to consider only 30ft