"Controller offline" but most everything works

I cannot access my controller via login by ip address or home.vera.com. I can however use the ip address to control devices and the scenes work. I have rebooted my vera and my router. Any time I try and login, I get “Controller Offline” Has anyone else had this problem. This has been this way for five days now.

Hello Alex, if this is an ongoing issue, please contact our Customer Care team so they can have a look at this.

It seems to be an isolated issue.

Contact details in my signature.

I’m having the same issue re controller login. Have rebooted my vera. Alexa is also unable to control any lights or scenes.


I’m also having a same issue, opened up a ticket, the tech asked that I enable remote support, but even that is broken. When I click it just circles around and fails.


I’m having the same issue . I’ve update to last firmware , removed and re-added the controller but still OFFLINE.

I’ve opened a support ticket. The controller is installed in a customer site and it’s very important : the controller read production energy from a Photovoltaic system.


Since latest firmware update, I have the same issue. Also scenes stopped working, and I can no longer create rooms. I have tried instead to connect directly, managed that for some time, and did a reboot. Seems random when it works and not. Right now I can only get in contact with the controller using my android mobile app.

Was there ever a resolution for this? I just updated to the latest firmware… Is contacting support and opening a ticket the only way? Seems like too common of an issue.

Hey, roaoro

I’m sorry to hear that you are affected by this issue. It is already reported but it’s linked with a few other issues.
Some of these have been already resolved, some of them will be sorted with the next firmware release.

When is the new firmware going to be released, same issue here; multiple times during the day, almost everyday.

I’ve been having the same issue for a few weeks. Now, even a power cycle isn’t fixing it.