Controller is busy uploading data

When I open the Vera app to access my Ezlo Plus, it often opens with the banner across the top saying, “Controller is busy updating data.” If I touch the “X”, the app becomes “available”. Is something wrong? Do I have to wait for it to quit updating, if it ever does?


The controller shows that message when it is writing to the user_data file to save recent changes. If it stays like that for over 2 minutes, it’s best to power cycle the controller, as it may have gotten stuck in the process.

Super, I will try that. Thank you.

You are most welcome. I also created a ticket on Zendesk to help you with the other issues you were reporting. Feel free to respond to the email you received with feedback on the issue you reported in this thread as well.

After several days of working thru issues with my transition from Vera to Ezlo, this issue has become very predictable.

When I open the app, it nearly always says Controller is busy updating data? The App seems to function but devices do not respond, nothing is editable, the “Timezone” has been reset to BLANK and all event (alert) times appear in GMT (or UTC).

I have to press the “X” then select “My Controllers”, say “Ok” to disconnect, then “Connect”, then everything works, again. The time zone setting is back to “Denver” and the devices respond, devices and scenes are again editable and all seems to work.

But almost every time I bring up the App, whether it was previously closed or not, I have to go thru those steps to disconnect and re-connect.

Is this the way it will always be? If so, I can just re-program myself to jump thru those hoops every time I want to use the app.

Hi @k7jv

What you can try is to close the app completely. In the Android settings go to the Vera app storage and clear all data. Then start the app and login again. This has helped my on odd issues like this between App updates multiple times.

Cheers Rene

I now normally do close the app, completely. Unfortunately I don’t have the “clear all data” option in the iOS app. But thank you for the suggestion.

Have you checked if maybe there is an equivalent or at least a clear app cache option? I’m not an iOS user myself, so I have no way to tell you for sure whether that’s available in iOS.

Hi, Leandro, yet again. I thoroughly explored every option on the iOS app and there is nothing short of wiping the entire controller that would clear an caches, or anything like that. Rats.

Ohh I see, actually, what I meant is to check on the phone’s app settings, not directly within the Vera app. For instance, in Android you go into the phone settings and then apps, and it lists all the apps with the option to clear the cache and data for each. Since I don’t have an iPhone or iPad myself to check, I just did a Google search and found this:

I suggest you try that only if you do remember your Vera login credentials because that will likely log you out of the app. It will not affect the devices connected to the controllers. Once you open that link make sure you scroll down to the area for “How to Clear iPhone Cache for Third-Party Apps”.

Another way to go about it, is to use the Delete App option, which does the same, but also uninstalls the app, you can then reinstall it from the App Store.


Hi, Leandro

Just looked, and I should be good in the memory department. (I wish that were true with my 72 year-old “drive”, but at least on my phone it is still pretty good). I’ve always gone on the theory that if 10 is good, 20 is better, when it comes to RAM or ROM, or other such decisions. My phone has 212 GB of its 256 GB still available. (Room for lots of pictures)

I am really wondering about the Ezlo firmware issue. Again, mine is Version I’ve had others post that the third number in that group should be higher, as in maybe 2.0.14, or something like that? I don’t know if Sara can “push” an update to my Ezlo, or not. I would sure be curious of that might fix a lot of what’s going on.

Anyway, we’ll see what she comes up with. Cheers, my friend!

You’re right, the latest release does indeed show a higher number from the 3rd onward: I see that version was successfully pushed to your Ezlo Plus and it is running on it already. That having been said, there was another beta released just yesterday, which is

If you power cycle your unit and it does not automatically update to version, please do ask her through the support ticket where’ve you’ve been corresponding to see if she can push that version from the server-side.


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