Controller busy updating data

My vera edge has been “busy updating data” for over a week now and cant execute any commands. What can I do to get it running correctly again?

Had a similar issue with my VeraSecure Controller. Was able to resolve the issue over the phone with the support center.

VeraController - Power up cycle:
Press Reset for 30 seconds > Unplug from power > Wait 30 seconds > Plug power back.
All lights should power back to green and to steady (cellular could remain off or blinking).

Access Vera controller via web browser - Controller should show online

@alchse - I can see that you had some interactions with our support team. If you need any further assistance, do not hesitate to get in touch with them.

In December 2018, I upgraded my Vera controller from a VeraLite to a Vera Plus. It’s at a vacation home to control lighting, thermostat, etc.

I’ve encountered several instances in which this particular controller shows busy updating on my Vera mobile app. When I login via a laptop to, it indicates my controller is offline. I have two other Vera Plus controllers at other locations and they have been trouble-free.

This is very frustrating as our vacation home is not near us, so unplugging the controller and plugging it back in to get it back online is not a viable option.

I didn’t seem to have this issue with the VeraLite controller. Just wondering if I should dump the Vera Plus and put my VeraLite box back in the next time I’m at the house.

Anyone know of a better fix for this issue?

This may be too little too late. I purchased an internet controlled power switch on amazon that just plugs into the wall and then I plug the vera into that plug. With that installed and setup on my iPhone, I can remotely turn off my vera and turn it back to to get it to start working again. Vera is a total piece of crap and seems to always know when I am out of the country. At least with blue iris, I can see what is going on and then reset the vera.