Controling my 'JE-Stork CML 14/3' fan

This was one of my first ‘newbe’ projects:

At home we have a fan for exhaust ventilation.
It’s used for the kitchen and two toilets.
As standard the fan always runs at low speed.
In the kitchen, there is a switch for the middle and high speed.

Now I want to stop the fan at night when we are going te sleep.
My wife has a difficulty getting in to sleep with that sound
And I think it’s silly to run the fan 24 hours a day.

The fan is a ‘JE-Stork CML 14/3’ box fan.
It is located on the attic and has a so called ‘Perilex’ plug.
It uses 19 watt at low speed, 40 watt at medium speed, and 80 watt at high speed.

I have build a Fibaro Relay Insert 2 * 1.5 KW in the fan
The fan is now active on low speed from 07:00 to 22:30 hour.
This through the scheduled scene in my Vera Lite.

To switch the fan to high speed we can activate the second fibaro switch in Vera.
Or in the kitchen by putting the switch to position 2 or 3.

I have made a photo, see attachement.

The original brown en blue wires are also connected to the FGS-221.
I put the black wire from the switch in the kitchen in S2.
I have made a connection from O1 to L3 (module from fan). This is for Low speed
And I have made a connection from O2 to L1 (module from fan) This is for High speed

In the future I also want to put the fan on high speed when someone is using the toilet by putting a fibaro mudule in the light switch.

I hope my english translation makes any sense !


Cool project. We have a similar box fan upstairs and I’m considering hooking it up to my z-wave network.
I hope to use a humidity sensor in the bathroom to control the fan, we have a slight mold problem.
Is there any particular type/brand of sensor you can recommend for use with Vera (lite)? I’ve looked at the Aeon 4-in-1 and the Everspring ST814.

Houten, Netherlands

Hello Arjan,

I don’t want to use a humidty sensor to activate my fan.

First) I have a separate fan for the shower :stuck_out_tongue:

Second) The humidity in the air is variable. Depending on the season and weather conditions. That’s why I prefer to start the fan trough a light switch. The timer can be set in Program Logic Event Generator.

I do use some Aeon 4in1 sensors.
I can see the realtime humidity, but for now I have no plans for using it.

Yes, the humidity varies, of course. On the other hand, if I can get the humidity below the level where it condenses on the walls that should prevent most mold from forming. I’m guessing that keeping relative humidity below 75% will do the trick. I could implement a maximum run time for the fan for really humid days (e.g. 1 hour), when the ambient humidity is too high.
I’m also guessing that the climate in your neck of the woods isn’t very different from my local climate. :wink: