Control sat receiver and media tank


Is there a way to control a vu+/dreambox and nmt using vera?
The vu+ duo is a sat receiver running on linux an can allready be controlled by network, is it possible to intigrade this into vera, vu+ is almost the same as a dreambox, both use the same software etc…
There are several apps available in the app store for remote control of these devices, so it is posible, hope it can be initigraded ino vera.

Also a nmt is a network media tank, in my cade. Popcorn a110
This device is also hooked up to my network, so it shold be possile to control this.

A long time ago I wrote a static HTML page for my NMT to control my Z-Wave devices via Vera …

What are you going to accomplish with your NMT?

I liked to controle the nmt using vera.

scene → play movie → tv on → nmt on → etc

go to bed → all media devices off (incl nmt) → lights of → temp down → lights above on → etc


The NMT comes with an UPnP server (UPnP - NMTWiki). In principle, it should be possible to use the Luup Lua extensions ( to control the NMT via UPnP. Please find attached a list of services supported by the NMT (latest firmware).

For IR control use USB-UIRT ( or Squeezebox/Transporter ( or SQ Blaster ( or …