Control lighting with motion sensor from EVL4/Vista20p/Plug-in

Not sure if this is the right forum for this so I also posted in the Plug-in Forum (if i need to remove just let me know which one). Soo. I have my VeraPlus hooked up to my Vista 20p Alarm panel and using the Ademco Vista Panel Plug-in. I want to set a scene/rule up for example that if no motion is picked up by one of my Honeywell motion detectors then the light will go off. Now I can see this working when the alarm panel is disarmed, BUT when I arm the panel in STAY mode it “bypasses/disarms” the motion detectors. Is there anyway around this so they would stay active for Vera/Scene purposes? Or that would conflict with the arming state of STAY?

Thanks for any info!