Control device type in google home

Hey guys, I use the built in Vera google home integration. All fibaro double switches I have are indentified as swithes not lights. Only way I have found to tag them as lights are to give them an alias in the google home settings. And postfix them with light. Now google home understands they are lights.

But its enoying hearing google home say, “Turing on Bardisk light” (in swedish except the light part). There must be a better way to tag a Switch as light?

yep, look at this:

Just go to advanced on your devices, and set to 3, 3 or 3, 1 (I didn’t tested it with GH, but it’s very similar for Alexa).

Yeah, already tried that. even tried to set it to category 2 (Dimmable light) since my Fibaro dimmer 2’s are recognized correctly.