Contribution to Existing DSC Plugin

Dear all,

I am using DSC plugin conveniently but feel the lack of some features such as bypassing zones. I have searched for the DSC API and noticed that it allows virtual keypad function where you could bypass/arm zones. I am pretty familiar with programming and developed a couple of plugins before (Not an expert on plugins though). Do you have any idea on how can I contribute to adding new features to existing DSC plugin? (Keeping in mind that source files of current plugin is encrypted)

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Did you have any luck with this? I’m not sure who ‘owns’ this plugin - but I know as a community everyone looks to help each other and the potential advancement of this plugin, can only be good a thing.

Maybe to start off with, could you share what your ideas are ? Gauge interest from others…

As you are familiar with programming , could you maybe script/code something that would work as an add-on, which could be tested out and maybe be incorporated later…

The bottom line is so much of the Vera world we all live in has been built through enthusiastic contribution from people like you… :grinning:

I would love to be able to extend the plugin! I very often arm my dsc 1864 system with *9, which is like stay mode but turns all the delay zones to instant zones, but the plugin doesn’t recognize this. It reports my system as disarmed and ready. I would also like to create a window zones variable. Reporting bypassed zones would also be nice.

Hi @machinen,

The plugin is owned by @guessed in the App Market, so send him a PM or so.

Cheers Rene

This plugin is in need of a re-write! Hope you’re able to do this :blush:

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If you end up doing anything with this, the service file for the plugin has some minor errors in need of correction.