Continued issues with scene controllers

I’m having all manner of weird issues with triggering scenes in Vera using scene controllers. It all seems to boil down to scene numbers being incorrect for some devices. The Minimote works correctly, but the ZME key fob as well as their wall mounted scene controllers do not work.

If I add a notification for scene * is activated (using a wildcard), I get a notification on any button press. However if I try to get an activation on a specific scene like #1, #2 etc, nothing happens.

Looking at the parameters of the devices, I can see scenes are being reported according to the ZME documentation; LastSceneID is set to the correct scene numbers. But somewhere these internal scene IDs are being translated into “Scene x activated/deactivated” events for triggers, and I suspect the translation is incorrect.

The odd thing is: others have gotten these devices to work just fine. Is it possible that I have a corrupt file on my Vera somewhere, or did something go wrong during a firmware upgrade? How can I verify that?

I’ve contacted Vera about this several times, but so far I have no response and my tickets have been closed or disappeared.