Contacting all network devices

Vera Edge controller with 1.7.4000

Seems to attempt to contact every network device out there.

I do some embedded device development, and am working on device that hosts a HTTP server. I had it logging connections, and lo and behold, my Vera system is connecting to it every few seconds for a minute or so when it comes on line.

What’s with that? Why is Vera scanning my network?

Hello Phillip,

I’ve created a ticket in our system and emailed you some information regarding this.

Please follow the steps described in the email and reply there in case you’re still having any issue so we can further troubleshoot this.

Thank you.

Thanks for the ticket. The answer seems to be that it’s related to UPnP (plus a scan all devices on network setting that I didn’t even see! :stuck_out_tongue: )

It’s not a problem, I just wanted to understand why.