considering vera3 like secondary

Hi folks !

I have intermatic HA07 controller with devices added and running good…
another GE45600 with the same devices like secondary…running good

because this I’m considering install my vera3 like secondary too. because my way to control the devices basically will be thru the wall switches and this 2 hand/table controllers above.

vera3 will be only for a remote situation and some triggers…

is correct this idea ?? I have already clicked in controller shift and I think this turns my vera3 in secondary…what the next step now to capture for vera3 the devices added in intermartic controller ???

thanks very much.

I haven’t tested this particular combination, but you’d have to include Vera into the HA07’s network. To do that on the Vera side, select [tt]Copy Z-Wave network from a master controller[/tt]. On the HA07 side you’d probably follow the instructions to replicate the network.

([tt]Controller shift[/tt] is to transfer primary role to a secondary, if Vera is primary.)

hello friend…
then…I have did correct…clicking in controller shift if I think in use vera3 like secondary and HA07 like primary…??

in my lunch time today I have installed a :

Aeon Labs DSC19101-ZWUS - 300W Smart Energy In-Wall Micro Dimmer Module - US Frequency

and included ok in HA07 and after I send the network to my GE 45600 controller and have updated your network and all is running fine…

tonight I will export the network in HA07 to vera3…and I hope solve my problems.

the only one can not added to HA07 is my leviton 2 loads / scenes VRCS2-MRZ , why I don’t know…I make all correct and nothing…

thank you for talk with me about this case.