Connection Timed out Server Down??

Is any body else having issues connecting???
Since last week I have been unable to log on to my vera lite through the web login. Log on to the account fine but then just sits there trying to connect. Vera app on my Phone says " refreshing please wait" constantly. When i go in to the diagnostics on the app it says: current commands . Configuration download error , connection timed out. Server down?.
I have all three lights on the vera solid. Have tried rebooting numerous times.
Have contacted support days ago but no response from them, seems like they have all gone on holiday.
Any body any ideas please ???

Many Thanks.

I have just begun experiencing this same error this morning [Configuration Download - Error: connection timed out (server down?) and Data Refresh - Error: Connection timed our (server down?)]. I am using and servers. I also received some sort of notice from Vera, that I can not longer retrieve, that stated that there is a widespread issue with the Vera configuration files. I don’t see anything related to this on the Platform Status part of the Vera website. My Vera is remote, but I can VPN into the network and cannot ping the box either (both the and the LAN addresses). I have remotely rebooted and that has had no effect either. Welcome thoughts.

I have had no issues.

This may help.