Connection error with iPhone

My SqRemote was working fine until last night. This morning I’m not able to connect. I get a Connection Error “unable to connect to Home Control,0,Error:server error” message. The weird thing is that I’m able to connect with my ipad. Also, I can connect with iVera, VeraMate and Automator. I’m using IOS 7.1.2. Any help, advice or info would be appreciated. Thanks.

Started doing the same for me - works if connected to the local network, no longer works using a remote connection (like over 3g/4g network).

I sent a support ticket to Square Connect but am not even sure if they are supporting the product any longer.

Small update on this issue with SQRemote and remote access:

From the settings I deleted the system and account from the SQRemote app in settings and then set them back up. Once I did this it started working again properly both local and remotely. I have done this on 3 systems so far and it has worked on all.

Make sure you have your setup backed up so you can re-download it once you reconfigure it.

Thanks wlaurent, I did exactly what you wrote and it’s working again.