Connecting sonoff devices using DIY mode

Ok i have Managed to set sonoff mini to DIY mode and connected it to vera locally using info here

first connect to ewelink app and update firmware to 3.60 then remove device from ewelink app.

Using @therealdb virtual http device pluging you can control them using curl
curl://-d '{"deviceid": "1000a43b57","data": {"switch": "on"}}' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -X POST '' or off

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Is this a new thing the manufacturer is allowing? without having to flash these devices with custom firmware?

Not new been around about a year. They just updated to DIY V2.0 and made it more user friendly.

You can turn on DIy mode and use the restful api to turn on off, inching and update settings.

You can also use DIY mode to flash OTA.

This is available on basicr3, mini and D1 dimmer.

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Sounds like a step in the right direction with a native Restful API.

I’ll flash them with tasmota. V9 has everything you’ll ever want, it’s well documented and well supported.

another way to control these it to create virtual switches using Switchboard Plugin and then setting up a get request for each switch action in Reactor. Here is an example of the GET request to use.,12,1