Connecting Aeotec Siren 6 ZW164 to Verasecure

This is a work in progress, but to hook up an Aeotec Siren 6 ZW164 to your vera system, this is what I have learned so far:

  1. You must either fully charge the Siren 6 before starting or plug it in to power it. It will start blinking slowly while charging. The device is not meant to be unplugged for long periods of time.

  2. You add the device as a generic Z-wave device. Once you enter inclusion mode, push the action button on the back of siren module once. The device will start blinking and then it will take some time to set it up completely. Be patient while the set up takes place. Eventually you will see one main device and 8 child devices in your device list.

  3. The 8 child devices are referred to by Aeotec as Endpoints. These endpoints are essentially different types of sirens you can separately trigger using different scenes.

  4. An explanation of these child devices is provided by Aeotec at Siren 6 sound/volume control in Vera UI7 : Aeotec Help Desk

  5. Only the child devices actually operate the siren. The main device can be hidden if you wish because it does nothing.

  6. Once you have added the device and child devices, you will have eight different sirens to program.

  7. The key child device for me was what Aeotec calls endpoint #7, which is your basic entry alarm. The other devices can be set up to trigger as doorbells, temperature alerts, panic buttons. Of note, endpoint #2 is a tamper alarm if someone tries to move the siren.

  8. For each child device you want to use, you have to tell Vera that it is a siren. I therefore changed the following params for each endpoint:

a. device_type: urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:G550Siren:1
b. device_file: D_G550Siren.xml
c. impl_file: I_G550Siren.xml
d. device_json: D_G550Siren.json
e: category: 24

These changes turn each siren into an independent alarm. The settings I am using are the same as the settings for the internal verasecure alarm. So far everything works.

  1. As indicated above, I use endpoint 7 as a standard alarm, much the same way as verasecure. Ie. When My Mode is set to away, and a sensor trips or door opens, both the verasecure and endpoint 7 start blasting through the home.

  2. I use endpoint 3 as a door chime when certain doors such as the front door, the garage entry door or sliding door to the deck are opened. I now know when exterior doors are opened.

I will keep testing the system I have created and update as necessary

Will have to tinker with my device and try the device files you reference. If you could figure out a way to determine if a Siren is triggered by button push with the Aeotec button that would be clutch!

Anybody using this device with Ezlo? I can get the siren paired and see the 8 children. But they have no activation mechanism. That is there is no on/off setting.

Thanks in advance for sharing wisdom

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