Connected not connected

I have a vera lite, it’s a couple years old. When I try to look at energy stats it says I’m not connected. I can only do it via web interface because I can not print out a report on this from my phone. My needs are simple

  1. monitor temperature in two rooms
  2. monitor energy consumption in one panel using Aeon Energy Monitor.
  3. Unlock/lock Schlage
  4. turn off a couple power cords.

What can I used to monitor the energy use (rented apartment), and how do I get this thing to be stable enough to stay connected so I can view the report. Is there another app for this.

By the way VERA I just spent an hour trying to post this message, that is also annoying. The challenge questions, cant read the verification code, I’m logged out timed out. Whatever. it’s so annoying.


Please check your e-mail. I have created a support ticket for this matter.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi, was this issue (an ticket) resolved? Did you have App connectivity when connecting over Mobile vs. wifi? I am asking as having similar issue: 7.50 APP reports false “no internet connectivity” when on LAN/WiFi.