Connect using Raspberry PI (running Ser2net) with USB to Serial Cable & IT-100


I have my DSC PC1864 panel up and running. And I have just connected a IT-100 to it and then into a Raspberry PI, (via a USB to Serial cable) running Ser2net.

The Ser2net.conf file on the PI has been set up to provide a telnet connection using the following setting.

4002:telnet:0:/dev/ttyUSB0:9600 NONE 1STOPBIT 8DATABITS banner1

A quick check that it works, and I can see the activity from on the panel via a telnet programme and calling the PI’s IP and the above 4002 port.

Having installed the DSC plugin, I can only see IT-100 or Evisalink as the options ?

Is it possible to connect to my PI that is running Ser2net ? If so how would I configure the plug in?

Well that was easier than I expected !!

It seems by choosing the Envisalink option, and then entering in the Pi’s IP and the Ser2net telnet port (4002) it has connected and my sensors have been populated on the Vera screen.