Connect to Vera without internet connection

Is there a way I can statically set the ip address of my Vera box? From what I can figure out, iVera needs to talk to the MCV servers to get the local ip address in order to connect. It looks like the MCV servers purge the local ip address after a week or so. I’m left to allowing my Vera to connect to the server once in a while to register it’s ip address so Vera can connect.

This is correct, iVera used to allow specifying manually the IP address of your Vera but with UI4, MCV added some ways to communicates with their servers to automatically get some information about how it can connect to your Vera.

Current version doesn’t have a way to manually create a new Vera system on top of the ones returned by MCV but it can be added at.

Please add this. It’s very annoying to not be able to get to Vera when MCV’s servers go down when everything is working just peachy locally.

It would also be nice if you can specify a hostname/port so I can make a direct mapping in my router that works even if I’m not at home.

The way things have gone with servers the last few weeks, I’m chiming in again to beg for this feature. I don’t want to rely on mios’s servers to be up, especially for a local connection!

Today I can’t connect remotely - I get “Username or password mismatch”. Locally it will connect, and I can get in through with the same user/password. Ugh.

Requesting this feature as well. I use iVera to compliment SQRemote. We don’t manage a “remote” property with Vera, but interact with our primary residence while at home. I imagine a lot of users use the Vera product this way and would be happy to bypass the Mios servers when they aren’t operational.


Just spent1 hour troubleshooting why ivera won’t connect …

I re-installed ivera and now it doesn’t see my verav2 at all.

And you can’t manually specify it.

So there are some major cp.mios server problems.

Please fix this

Hmmm think this is related …

My Ivera is now completely useless. Though Mios has been down too much lately it is up at the moment and iVera still will not recognize my name. Any clues as to what to do?

After 3 password resets it accepted my name and pass, but now Ivera doesn’t see my verav2

Hold on.

It works again now… :slight_smile:

Reset mine this morning and it is working again. Question what does the remote selection do?

Correction… partially working.

It only works when i’m connected to my lan.

So if i’m outside my house is doesn’t work anymore …

Anyone else ?

Or is this just a local problem … ?


I also would like to reiterate that we need a way to connect to the vera once the MCV servers are down… iVera used to be that way, and after paying dearly for iVera to have that feature removed is inexcusable…


I totally agree.

Good example :

My modem had a defect and i had to wait 4 days before my isp came to fix/replace it.
That meant 4 days no vera control thru my iphone…

I always should work locally without the use of mcv servers

Please add this back in. I don’t like having to allow my Vera box to connect to their servers. I would much prefer to specify IP(s) & ports to connect.

Yep me too. News on this please?