OK, I hooked up my new Veralite, updated the firmware, created an account and paired my one and only device (so far), a Fortrezz water/temp sensor. However there are “features” on the web interface that I cannot seem to access or figure out.

First of all in the first screen after logging in I see my device (hub). There is a blank area for name. Since this will be one of three hubs at one of three locations it would be great if I could add a name for each hub. However I cannot find a way to do so.

Next: If I go to User Info, the screen is blank. My user name is at the top but there is no “information”! My email address is in the system, but I cannot find a way to enter my mobile number. I can do so in the Other User screen for my son and a second account I set up for myself, but not my main login!!

Finally (for now), if I go to other users and scroll to the bottom for both my second account and my sons, it says “You don’t have any notifications set up.” OK, how do I set up notifications??? I cannot find a way or figure out how to do so.

Please help!

I kind of figured out the notifications thing. I missed (and misunderstood) the fine print about having to verify email and cell phone numbers with a code. Until verified apparently you cannot set up any notifications.

However, I still cannot figure out how to populate my (main) user page and add my cell number (or even verify my email) since the page still comes up blank.

Also, I still see no way to name my Veralite controller.

Can anyone give me some specific help?

The only problem i have is the validation of the mobile phone , the v?rification code is not received on my mobile phone.
I have opened a ticket to Vera support for this problem several days ago , in order to be able to send SMS notifications.

Please do the same as this is surely a bug in UI7 release.