Confused about which DSC panels work with Vera

I read that I need an Envisalink EVL-3 so a Vera can interact with a DSC alarm. Is that true or are there other methods?

My other confusion is on one popular site that sells DSC, it says that the Envisalink only works with wired systems. I can’t use a wired system and was looking at the DSC PC9155 Alexor.

The two connectivity options are either EVL2/3 or IT100. The plugin and the hardware are only compatible with “power series” panels and not Alexor.

If you need a wireless solution then the power series can easily support a hybrid of wired and wireless sensors (and recently wireless keypads with the correct hardware)

Thanks for the clarification.

I looked at DSC Power Series 9047 Wireless Alarm Kit. That would work with the EVL-3? It states wireless in the name, so what is not wireless? Is it the transformer/keypad/dialing unit that are all wired together and the sensors are wireless?

Does the EVL-3 need to be connected to my router or the DSC keypad?

I stand corrected, that’s the oddball one that doesn’t work.

You may want to read up a bit more since this has been covered quite a lot, but essentially you’ll need any one of these kits:

These are based on a PC1616, PC1832 or PC1864 main panel.

If you only need wireless sensors and keyfobs then this is handled by an “RF” keypad which has a radio built in (but is wired itself back to the panel) Otherwise if you want to use totally wireless keypads (wireless to the panel) then you need to buy a TR5164-433 module (two way device support).

The EVL3 needs to wired to both your router and to the back to the panel.

Sounds like I may go with Iris which was my original thought. People in these forums steered me away due to monthly fee and flexibility. Not thrilled with a monthly fee, but $10/mo won’t kill me. Especially when faced with paying way more for the equipment for vera/dsc.

It seems that my router and panel need to be in same location (or wired) to use Vera/DSC and that there is no way to do proximity arming/disarming like IRIS can with their key fobs (turn on if all key fobs have left house). I guess flexibility means different things to different people.

It also seems like a lot of moving parts (DSC alarm, EVL-3 interface, Vera with plugins).

The EVL-3 acts like a keypad. There are 4 wires that connect it to your alarm panel and it has an ethernet plug that you’ll need to connect in some way to your network.

Iris is very closed, and I think almost anyone would outgrow it. (I made this mistake early on with another similar product)

Anyway, depending on your needs, it may serve you, if you are only looking at monitoring. Never mind the setup with the wiring etc, all that is quite simple compared to the panel setup :slight_smile:

The DSC information can be found here.

More recent discussion on DSC,13773.0.html

Note: the DSC have change some of their description of the WT5500 keypad from wireless keypad to wired-free keypad.

It is hard to compare as there doesn’t seem to be a lot of documentation on Iris. You can trigger things based on other events which is basically what I want. Turn thermostat down when alarm is armed, turn it up when is is disarmed and turn on these lights, etc. I want to get a text when certain sensors are triggers (garage door opened). Maybe some lighting groups.

I think where Iris doesn’t compare is with all the plugins that MCV has.

At $299 (and I have a 10% off coupon) for the whole system with keyfob, thermostat, etc, it is a great price. Obviously, like you said, if in a year I replace it all because it doesn’t do what I want, it is no bargain.

I suppose I could use a powerline->ethernet adapter if I go with MCV/DSC to connect the EVL-3 to my router.

I suppose I could use a powerline->ethernet adapter if I go with MCV/DSC to connect the EVL-3 to my router.

Yes, that is an option and others use mini wifi devices as well.

Is there anyone that can give me examples or point me to examples of things MCV can do and Iris can’t? I’ve heard these vague statements of how MCV is more flexible, but not really enough info to evaluate if I need that flexibility.

A product that hasn’t been released yet, Revolv looks interesting. It works with Zwave, Zigbee and several other protocols so you can use almost any device. It also has Geo proximity sensing to trigger things (like if you get close to home, turn on the lights).

The rift in functionality difference is too vast to list really, since there’s almost you cant do with Vera with either a work around, plugin, or development.

Just know that home automation can become a bit of an addiction, and if you want to control anything other than some basic lights and triggers etc, then you will be left wanting with Iris.

I would suggest having a look at all of the plugins (which is not exhaustive since there are many more), and imagine that any one of those plugins can interface in some way with another as a trigger or action.