confused about LUUP

Am I missing something about Luup.
We went from a system that had preconfigured devices to LUUPy where I have to set up everything myself.
I realize the need for extra features but this is getttttttting VERY tedious!

If there are some shortcuts for those in the know How about it


I’m pretty sure it will be easy once things stabilize - there will be more then enough working examples to look at, and relevant wiki pages will contain something more then a list of available functions with no description whatsoever :wink:

I hope. so …
THen you will need a way to lock the settings because I think you can really screw things up if you don’t know what you are doing!

What settings are easier to screw up with Luup vs. non Luup? I mean the regular pre-Luup version lets you modify all the variables under the advanced tab as well. It’s true it doesn’t let you write Lua script and all that stuff. But the intention is that only techies who know what they’ll doing will ever go there.