Configuring "On"/"Off" Buttons on Leviton VRCZ4-M0Z Zone Controller with the Ezlo Plus Controller

I have a Leviton VRCZ4-M0Z Zone Controller that I have configured on my VeraPlus Controller to operate various scenes. The configuration of the Leviton device was done through the web browser interface to the VeraPlus Controller–using the “Scenes” option on the Device options page. In attempting to configure a second Leviton device on a new Ezlo Plus Controller, the device appears to have paired readily using the mobile interface for the Ezlo Plus, the only interface that appears to be available. Specifically, there does not appear to be a web browser interface providing a setup option similar to that available for the VeraPlus Controller that allows scenes to be set when each of the four buttons on the Leviton device is turned “off” or “on.” Under the “Z-Wave Settings” option for the Ezlo Plus Controller through its mobile interface, I can add new Z-wave parameters, but it is not clear how, if at all, this option might be used to configure the Leviton device’s buttons to operate scenes, such as can be readily done through the web browser interface to the VeraPlus Controller. Any help here for configuring the Leviton device “on” and “off” buttons to run scenes when paired to the Ezlo Plus Controller?

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We have not been able to find anything on Amazon that is listed for sale. Can you please provide a link where I can buy it?

(Any device requested for integration should be commercially accessible).

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The spec sheet for the device can be found at:, the website for a vendor that is purporting to sell the device:

The various 2-button (VRCS2-MRZ) and 4-button (VRCZ4-M0Z ) Leviton Scene/Load Controllers are no longer commercially available. I have three Vera hubs in three different locations that operate a total of 6 of the Leviton scene/load control units. I’ve not upgraded my Vera hubs to Ezlo hubs in large part because I have never found a substitute for the these Leviton units, particularly a device that can both manage both multiple scenes and a single load. Is there a vendor that markets an equivalent device that I use to replace a single-gang light switch with a z-wave scene and load controller? If not, is there still no possibility that these old Leviton devices can be supported through an Ezlo hub?

Zooz ZEN32 is a relay switch plus four button scene controller. I use several of these in my home for location specific scene activation. I think Ezlo support for Zooz is pretty scant though. Each button can do several functions; single tap, double tap, press and hold, release can all trigger different scenes. I think it can do triple and quad button taps but it starts to get ridiculous at that point (no one will ever understand how to use your system).