Configure USB-UIRT to *receive* IR?

I can see that it supports transmitting IR for “universal” remote capabilities, which is nice, but I’d also like to do the reverse. Is it possible to configure Vera to respond to IR remote signals … to trigger scenes? It seems this would be a way to get Vera working with a regular IR universal remote.

Then I could define special actions like when I turn my TV on, my lights go out, etc, without having to grab some other more complex remote. There are Z-wave capable universal remotes, but they’re very expensive.

This topic was discussed to some extent -

It doesn’t look like Vera currently supports receiving IR. Even transmitting IR is not fully implemented, as there are some problems…

This seem like such a basic feature. I would be willing to pay someone to get this to work. All I want to do is trigger a scene using my media remote.

You can receive IR on Vera using a KIRA module from Keene Electronics. See KiraRx and KiraTx plugins.