Configure Email alerts on motion

I added a motion sensor to my Vera system. I want to configure it so when the motion sensor is armed and it senses motion, email is sent to me.

I was able to install the VeraAlerts app and configure it for email SMTP, but now I don’t know how to set up the condition that if the motion it armed, it will send an email. where can I do this from? I tried Scenes, but from there I only see options to turn lights on and off when there is motion.

Should i install a different app instead?

I am using VeraLite with 1.7.439 firmware.


I am still on UI5 but it is rather easy to implement.
i created a scene and used the Trigger section.

in trigger you create another trigger, and select one of the sensors. in the condition table you can select that an armed sensor is tripped.
than I used Lua code in the luup event section

my code is:

luup.call_action(“urn:upnp-org:serviceId:SmtpNotification1”, “SendEmail”, { Recipient_Name=“Thomas”, Recipient_eMail="", Subject= “Armed PIR in kitchen tripped”, Message=“Armed PIR in keuken tripped” }, 53)

module 53 is the SMTP plugin.

in the scene i created many of these entries to generate emails if sensors trip.

i hope this helps