Configure armed devices from EZlogic?


I can’t find where to configure which devices get armed when switching to Away or Night mode in EZlogic. Is that done anywhere?


Hi @cfeval ,

It can be easily achieved via a simple meshbot

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Thanks @osman, I did try that from EZlogic but it seems none of my sensors are coming up in the device selection (they’re all centralite door and motion sensors):

Now that I come to think of it, the “armed” toggle doesn’t appear in the dashboard in Mios either.

It does appear in the Mios android app, and I can select them in meshbots on the mobile app… but house mode doesn’t appear as a trigger in the mobile app, while it does in the webapp. Meshbot edition between mobile and web platform is so inconsistent that I prefer sticking to one to limit the unpredictability.

Hello @cfeval

We’ve created this ticket regarding your report: ECS-1105

We will investigate and follow up with you.