First of all Thanks for fixing the trigger when a pin code is enter on the schlage lock…

I’m trying to make the Alarm system armed when a pin code is entered, the door is locked, and the door is not tripped but I can’t make it work with all three…

Heres my report

Use AND instead of a sequence.

KyEnteredPinBackDoor AND BackDoorPoolLocked AND BackDoorClosed

Thanks it almost works… T

he problem is the Pincode stays true so If I walk up to the door 10 minutes later and unlock and lock the door the alarm arms because the pin code is still true…

Ok, you can make then a combination with the sequence, lets say:

(BackDoorClosed;KyEnteredPinBackDoor) AND BackDoorClosed AND (BackDoorPoolLocked;KyEnteredPinBackDoor) AND BackDoorPoolLocked AND KyEnteredPinBackDoor

You can add a condition that is only valid for a while after the Pin is entered:
Add an Input: ARMED to sense the armed status of Alarm system.

BackDoorPinActive KyEnteredPinBackDoor and (KyEnteredPinBackDoor, NOW < 5:00)

KyLockedBackDoor BackDoorPinActive and BackDoorPoolLocked and BakDoorClosed

Warning (Not ARMED) and (BackDoorPinActive; NOW > 5:00)

The warning to indicate that you tried to ARM … but because a door is opened it never actually armed.

Wahoo That worked Great… Now if I wanted it to Disarm the Alarm would I do this

BackDoorPinActive KyEnteredPinBackDoor and (KyEnteredPinBackDoor, NOW < 5:00)

KyUnlockedDoor BackDoorPinActive and BackDoorPoolUnlocked and BackDoorTripped

Not sure if I need any kind of warning since the alarm is armed?

I am not sure I understand the logic you want to use to Unlock the door.

When the Pin is entered, door is unlocked, door sensor is tripped I want these things to Disarm the alarm

Is the all on the same door ?
If so why niot just when ARMED and the Pin is entered ?
If not if someone breaks into your door (Door sensor is tripped) you do not want your alarm to be disarmed.

Yes this is all on the same door. I’ll give this a try when I get home. Thanks!!