Conditions not shown in status - REACTOR Openluup

I have updated Openluup and AltUI. After this update, conditions are no longer visible in the status overview in Reactor. Both on Ipad (Chrome / Safari) and my PC (chrome / IE).

Can anyone help me?

Openluup : 20.5.22
AltUI : 2.53b
Reactor: 3.8-20262

AltUI 2.52 changed a bunch of core libraries it uses and that broke the Reactor UI. You can upgrade to the stable branch version of Reactor by going to the plugins list, entering stable in the version field, and clicking the update icon. Give it a minute, then reload Luup and hard refresh the browser.

Thanks for quick response! You are great

After update Reactor I have version 3.9develop-21009. I notice that new buttons have been added. Can you tell me what I can do with this?


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