Conditions gone after downgrade

I downgraded from UI6 to UI5 and restored backup from UI6. All works but in conditions I don’t see any code. The scenes however still work and some of them show errors at the top.

What can I do?

You will have to uninstall and re-install the Plugins on UI5 … The backup will install the UI6 version of the plugin files.

You might be able to just update them.

Worked by updating, thanks.


I am new and purchased a Vera3 that was automatically upgraded to UI6 when I did the setup. I would like to put it back to UI5 and start all over again. I will create a new account, install everything new…

Can someone point me to where I can find instructions to downgrade back to UI5? It sounds like UI5 is more stable and loads more compatible.


[quote=“dawiinci, post:3, topic:179965”]Worked by updating, thanks.


I just downgraded to UI5, and my conditions were gone as well. The above links (with my own IP) reloaded the plugins, but didn’t restore my conditions - or so it seemed. I had to clear my browser’s cache and reload the page to get it to work properly.

When ever you have a problem you need to to the Vera Two Step —
1) Restart/Reload Vera
2) Refresh your Browser Cache

If you work with Vera … the Above needs to be automatic … at least for UI5 and UI6 … They may have fixed some of the caching problems in UI7.
At least it appears to be better.